Management en investing with Casalina Real Estate

Has your confidence in banks been tarnished?

Are you looking for a safe and stable investment?

Do you wish to create an additional monthly income?

Do you want no more worries?

Profile analysis

Industry-leading knowledge of the real estate market in your area Brussels and Wezembeek-Oppem. Not everyone has the same expectations and background. Our consultants will gladly assist you in determining the best possible way to meet your personal requirements. A clear, transparent and objective technical, financial and legal analysis.

Advice on Taxation, Succession & Legislation

A clear, transparent and objective technical, financial and legal analysis. Should you buy as a private individual or in the name of a company - usufruct and bare ownership? Thanks to the experience of our employees in these domains, we can provide you with the best possible guidance and advice in setting up your investment. Our experts are aware of the latest developments in legislation and regulation, thereby ensuring that all matters surrounding the succession and taxation on your property, with regard to your family, run as smoothly as possible.

Our selection of properties

Our consultants take the time to listen to you and study all possible investments in detail that best match your profile. Then we present you the best possible solutions available on the market.Furthermore, our experts provide you with personal legal support thus guaranteeing a smooth process. More than 15 years of proven experience ensuring your project is a huge success.

Property management

If you want, we can also look for a reliable and solvent tenant, professional property management that guarantees the utmost care when it comes to your investment.
No more worries for you, everything is done for you

  • Determine rental price based on the expected return and the rental market
  • Drafting & signing of the lease
  • Limited rental vacancy
  • Review of the rental deposit
  • Preparing the rental
  • Organisation and coordination of the inventory
  • Registering of the rental agreement
  • Transfer meter readings
  • Annual indexation
  • Full quarterly report
  • Rent collection
  • Settling annual costs
  • Advice and assistance with the maintenance of the property

Long-term VIP customer support

At Casalina Real Estate we recommend becoming a long-term customer. You will be part of our list of VIP customers that receive exclusive advice on all our products and services. We will also assist you in taking the right decisions, throughout the entire lifespan of all your real estate property investments, surrounding the purchase or sale of the relevant property.